Word and Sentence Drills for Gregg Shorthand (Classic Reprint) by Mark I. Markett

Word and Sentence Drills for Gregg Shorthand (Classic Reprint)

Book Title: Word and Sentence Drills for Gregg Shorthand (Classic Reprint)

Publisher: Forgotten Books

Author: Mark I. Markett

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Mark I. Markett with Word and Sentence Drills for Gregg Shorthand (Classic Reprint)

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Word and Sentence Drills is to provide constructive work on the various principles for students of Gregg Shorthand. This work is presented, first, in the form of words which can be written under given principles, taken up progressively to correspond with the lessons of the Gergg Shorthand Manual. The lists of words in each lesson are followed by a series of graded sentences involving words that must be constructed from principles, wordsigns, and phrase forms. The book is designed to supplement the Manual by vfurnishing sufficient drill on each principle to give the student Jskill not only in the application of the rule, but in the handling -of a comprehensive vocabulary that will be of great value to chim when dictation on new matter is encountered. BET he book has been arranged carefully for easy reference. Each list is introduced by a reference to the paragraph numfy ber of the Manual in which the principle is presented, followed H) by a summary of the rule or principle, so that the teacher can zmake selections for assignment or practice without confusion or loss of time. It is also arranged so that teachers may make assignments from the lists or sentences in convenient units to jmeet varying conditions. In selecting the word lists in Word and Sentence Drills, first fconsideration was given to their value in developing wordbuilding power, but at the same time their importance as a contribution to the students permanent, useful working vocabulary was a factor that received careful thought. As a result, the lists of words and sentences will be found to be of great utility in laying the foundation for early dictation.
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